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Got content? If you need someone to embed a little pizzazz in your blog posts and articles, you’ve come to the right place.

I have over 7,500 followers on Medium (19,000 less than Obama on the same platform), and I also founded and run my own publication called The Post-Grad Survival Guide, which has garnered over 3,400 followers in nine short months.

There I publish pieces centering on self-help, encouragement, and resume writing/interviewing tips. I’m proud to say I’m in the top 200 writers on that platform, which boasted 60 million monthly visitors last year.

I also wrote and designed my own Magazine which you can view here.

*Side Note* You can keep up with my journey creating a Magazine from scratch in 30 days right here.

I’m also a contributor at The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, and I used to write for Diply, aka the 58th most-visited site in the world.

Traveling with Crohn's Disease

I specialize in writing about travel, relationships, self-help, and wacky news stories. If you don’t believe me about the news stories part, check this out.

I’ve also written company profiles, conducted interviews, and reported on the oil and gas industry for The Surge.

I have a ton of experience writing in a variety of different tones, and I’m sure I can help you craft some beautiful pieces that get your company story across.

Keep reading for a selection of my portfolio.


Diply – This Might Be The Most Unusual Spot In All Of Russia

The Huffington Post – 8 Things You Should Know About Being A Digital Nomad Before You Become One

The Huffington Post – 6 Airbnb Hacks For Seasoned Travelers

The Mission – 6 Surprising Advantages Traveling Gave Me In The Job Market


Thought Catalog – I Don’t Have A Girlfriend And I’m Not Looking For One

The Post-Grad Survival Guide – 6 Ways To Make Friends As An Introvert

The Huffington Post – A Love Letter To The Friends Who Are Hard On Me


The Huffington Post – 8 Pieces of Thinking That Can Free You From An Ordinary Life

The Post-Grad Survival Guide – The Secret To Productivity Nobody Talks About

The Huffington Post – 5 Things That Happened When I Stopped Caring What People Thought Of Me

Wacky News Stories

Diply – Peruvians Re-Make This Hair-Raising Rope Bridge Every Year

The Surge – Is There Oil Under America’s National Parks?

Diply – The Roof Of An Underground Pool Collapsed And Created A Wonderland You Can Visit

Company Profiles / Interviews

The Huffington Post – This Walking Stick Plants A Tree Every Time You Use It

The Huffington Post – An Interview With Rob Edwards, The Writer Of Princess And The Frog

The Huffington Post – Destined To Meet: My Interview With Another Tom Kuegler

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